“I loved working with Erich for a number of reasons. He combines excellent creativity with complete alignment to business strategy. He’s an excellent listener and communicator, and his personality is fun, engaging and yet down-to-earth, so he’s a pleasure to be around and to have on the team. His work also delivers results, as we consistently saw copy-testing scores that exceeded norms and progressively increased as we worked on more and more creative programs together.”

– Chris Groom Chief Marketing Officer @ Florida’s Natural Growers


“I worked with Erich for a number of years and he’s one of those guys that just “clicks” with everyone. He’s a an accomplished creative but you wouldn’t know it by the way he carries himself–he’s humble, rolls up his sleeves every day and is constantly learning. I was always impressed by the way he can motivate junior teams in the face of tough business situations and stressful timelines. When others would fade into the background the moment situations got tough, he would step up. On top of that he’s definitely one of the most digitally-savvy senior creatives I’ve worked with and I always knew that if a challenging non-traditional assignment was with his group, we were in good hands. He’s a good guy, a strong leader, a truly creative thinker, and most importantly the type of person that helps build an agency culture.”

– Scott Gelber Chief Digital Officer @ Merkley + Partners


“Erich is a talented creative leader and understands the role a smart strategy plays in creating great work. Great with senior clients.”

– John Morris VP, Advertising & Media @ Travelers


“Over the last few months, I had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects with Erich, from print ads to out of home, televsion, radio and and web promotions. Throughout it all, not only did he present great creative ideas and direction, but was also very collaborative through it all, flexible with the changing needs of a dynamic brand team. He has also been quite fun and enjoyable to work with, which makes many hours spent in meetings, on conference calls and on set much easier.”

– Derek Archambault Senior Brand Manager @ Green Mountain Coffee Roasters & Keurig


“Erich possesses a skill set difficult to find in any industry. He has an affinity for new business and genuinely enjoys the hunt and every step along the way to the win. He is a nimble, strategic thinker who excels in channel neutral ideation. And though his true love is the digital/social media world, he is thoroughly adept at traditional media channels as well. Lastly, what makes Erich such a great partner, is his keen aesthetic sense and attention to creative detail.”

– Steven Pashkoff Chief Marketing Officer @ The Rescue Fund


“Erich is versatile, which doesn’t mean a jack-of-all-trades, rather a man that gets what needs to be done and finds a thought-provoking and often digital solution. I worked with him on some challenging and less than pretty assignments and not only did he come up trumps but the client came out smiling too, often referring to us as a team she’s held others up against.

He’s got an understated charm that hides a conviction for what’s right and knows how to drive a good idea across creatives for development across many platforms, and then deliver it with authority to clients. He’s also fun to work with, a good mentor and listener and, now his career develops more and more, a good leader too.”

– Steve Saxty Director Global Communications @ Jaguar / Strategy Director @ WPP & Mindshare


“Erich led the brand positioning and creative development work for RushCard, resulting in a completely refreshed and significantly more compelling brand identity for RushCard. Erich was a highly collaborative and communicative partner, adeptly managing the creative process while problem solving through some unexpected business constraints and market realities. Erich’s positivity, approachability, straightforwardness and good humor was appreciated as much as his terrific creative.”

– Amy Giddon Head of Marketing @ Ruschcard


“Erich has been a pleasure to work with. His commitment to frequent communication and keeping everyone posted on every step of a project helps build a team that enjoyable to work with. Erich was instrumental in creating some superior pieces of work for our catering division that I couldn’t be more proud of!”

– Misty DeFlitch National Sales Manager @ Ruth’s Chris


“I’ve had the opportunity to partner with Erich on a number of Global Brand Assignments. He’s a terrific Creative Leader and strategic partner. He consistently goes above and beyond coming up with fantastic creative ideas – he crafts creative business building communications solutions. Erich just gets it – it’s no longer about a campaign – it’s about how to express a brand’s platform in a way that truly connects with people in a compelling, motivating way. His track record pretty impressive – from his new business wins to his long-term client relationships. ”

– Lisa Blumenstein Senior Partner, Strategy Director @ MediaCom


“Few people care more about their work or their clients than Erich. It may sound old fashioned, but when you sweat the small stuff, the big stuff falls into place.”

– Tom Lamb CMO @ Launchpad Advertising


“Working with Erich is way beyond just great. It’s intellectually stimulating, creatively brilliant and always fun. He’s a generous creative leader who wants to listen, wants to consider the opinions of others and as a result, gets the best work for his clients. Erich’s creativity is palpable but his strategic and business acumen is also impressive. But what I enjoyed most about working with Erich was his quick wit, infectious sense of humor and his genuine desire to collaborate. Would I recommend Erich? Hell Yes!!!”

– Ellen Fields CEO @ Fields


“Erich is a great business partner because he challenges you to think differently about your marketing and communications programs. Erich gets strategy, so he is able to wrap his head around the issues and untangle them early on in the process. He focuses on the task at hand and delivers exceptional creative solutions without delay.”

– Jim Scheele Director of Planning @ VML


“I really enjoyed partnering with Erich on client work during my time at Merkley. He is a great collaborator, an admirable leader, and is extremely passionate about everything he works on. He puts the same superior care into crafting a tweet as he does a multi-channel, high impact campaign. His work is always beautiful, smart, polished and on-strategy. I really appreciate Erich’s zero tolerance for mediocrity, positive spirit, and can-do attitude.”

– Mary Bonomo Founder, CEO @ 14th & Boom


“Erich is all about coming up with solutions. He knows how to look at a creative issue from all sides and think about it comprehensively. His goal is to always find something new that simultaneously respects and enhances a given brand. Whether its developing a clever traditional tagline or an innovative social campaign, Erich can always be counted on for creativity, patience, flexibility and fun.”

– Eric Soloway Writer/Producer/Director of Branded Content


“Simply put, Erich is great to work with. He listens carefully and then creates magic.
I first worked with him when he was at Y&R. His team created an award winning marketing campaign for a not for profit I co-founded, Urban Cat League. His is currently redoing all of our marketing elements – from our logo to website. Erich is able to analyze and understand what is needed. We are not the easiest of clients and he manages us well with his calm and assured manner. He is a talented creative guy.”

– Cathe Neukum Executive Producer @ International Rescue Committee


“Erich is a fantastic creative director and copywriter who knows the difference between a good idea and a great idea, and how to bring it to life across multiple channels. Having built many brands from the ground up, both in the agency and freelance worlds, he has a strong creative perspective and is comfortable leading conversations and guiding clients through the most difficult communications challenges. At the same time, he’s a very collaborative partner, working with strategy and development teams with a facility that’s not common in the creative field. I’ve enjoyed the energy and creativity he brings to each project in several engagements, and I highly recommend his work.”

– Cezary Pietrzak Founding Partner and Strategy Consultant @ Living / Breathing Director of Business Development and Co-Founder @ Wanderfly


“More than you could ask for. Erich was able to quickly get up to speed on the brand, campaign, and business challenges and serve up creative solutions – I mean really creative award-winning solutions. Not only is Erich a great Creative, he also knows how to manage process and clients. A real pleasure to work with.”

– Erica Dale Vice President, Group Director @ SS+K


“Erich demonstrates the value of a smart creative partner who understands and contributes to the strategic priorities of a client. Erich delivers ideas that are “creative” and compelling but also relevant to the business challenges faced. I recommend Erich for his deep thinking, as well as his professional and personal demeanor.”

– John Myers Owner, President and CEO @ Gremlin Hill


“Having worked with Erich numerous times it’s become quite obvious just how on top of his game he is. Always abreast of the latest trends, always innovative always ahead of the curve. 
Erich brings a sense of leadership to every project he works on, inspires his team and oversees every last detail without making it seem difficult. He has a real sense of ownership with everything he does and his work is testament to his dedication. 
And he’s a swell looker.”

– Peter Herbst VP Executive Creative Director @ St. John & Partners


“Erich can do pretty much anything, and he does it very, very well. That may sound like a jack-of-all-trades thing, but it’s not. As a creative director his attention-to-brand is outstanding, and his cross-platform abilities are extremely valuable and, I’ve found, very, very rare. Whatever our needs are, and whatever the budget is, Erich will always work with us to engineer the exact perfect solution. He has the experience and natural ability to truly understand the bigger picture, and then the skills to execute in any and every medium. I work with the best, most elite people in the music biz on a daily basis. And when I work with Erich, I know I’m working with one of the best in the ad industry, too. Erich Hartmann is truly interested in my business and finding out what makes it tick.”

– Tony Verderosa Owner/Creative Director @ KBV Music


“Eric is a great creative to work with. He is secure enough that, as a photographer, he gave me a great deal of creative freedom. Not only is he great with words but also has a great eye.”

– Dennis Blachut Photographer and Grand Poobah @ Dennis Blachut Photography LLC


“Erich is fabulous copywriter and creative thinker. He brings creative ideas to life with great writing, a great eye, and great taste. 

His knowledge of music and musicianship is also an asset and huge plus for me as a music producer an every project we worked on together.”

– Paul Greco Vice President / Executive Music & Radio Producer @ JWT